StoneTrash has a fabrication tool that helps us get you a fast free quote. Transparency is one of the qualities we pride ourselves on therefore we not only want to introduce you to this new feature but also show you exactly how everything works.

What is Fabrication?

Fabrication is the process of taking a slab (rectangle piece of material) and turning it into a finished product that can be installed. It involves cutting the stone to size, making cutouts for sinks and stovetops, creating edge profiles as well as polishing. Our fabrication tool takes you through "the process of creating" step by step and then we use professional service providers in your area who will be a good fit to finish your project.

How are Service Providers Chosen?

After you have entered your project into our fabrication tool, we look at several criteria to determine which company has the proper tools and best team in place to see your project through to completion. The first consideration is location. We match you with a local service company to cut down on travel time. Our second consideration is availability, we look at fabricators and installers who have the availability to complete your project in a timely manner. We determine which providers have the necessary equipment and skills to meet your project demands, for example, if you desire a double ogee edge for your counters we will make sure the fabricator we quote has the necessary tools and skills to make that cut. Lastly, we always deliver you the lowest price to get your project finished.

What Happens after you receive your Quote?

We understand that a home renovation project can be overwhelming, but we never want you to feel like you are doing this on your own. After you submit your project in the fabrication tool, we contact the service providers and arrange everything for you. All you must do is confirm what day and time works best for you, ready your space and we handle the rest.

Who is this Fabrication Tool for?

Our fabrication tool is for both you the buyer as well as us, so we know enough about your project to give you an accurate quote. Currently, we can quote service providers in lower New York State, Long Island, Southern Connecticut, and Northeastern New Jersey. We are building a nationwide community of fabricators and will announce new service areas soon. In the meantime, we recommend reading our fabrication tool help article and using this knowledge to make sure you get the right team in place to complete your project.

Want to be one of our Service Providers?

Please click the link below to fill out our fabricator questionnaire, and you will hear from us soon.

Fabricator Questionnaire

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