Congratulations on your new project! Renovating your home is always an exciting process, and we're excited to be able to share in it with you. We'll need the information below to deliver the most accurate quote possible. If you have any questions please e-mail [email protected].


 Fabrication Quick Form

The link above will take you directly to our fabrication form. It'll walk you through most of the data we need to help get you an accurate quote. 


  • We can send someone out to measure your kitchen for you. This is an additional charge, but you’ll know the material will fit perfectly into your space.
  • If you’d like to save some money, that’s all right too. Just make sure you give us the length and width of every piece; for example, if you have an island and an L-shaped counter, we’d need dimensions for the island, and for each leg of the L. If you have any questions, just take a picture of the space and send it to us (or send us any drawings you may have) and we’ll be happy to help. Please send the dimensions in inches - thank you!
  • Please include links or names of all materials from StoneTrash that you're interested in, so that we may estimate using the actual thickness.


  • How many sink cutouts do you have?
  • For each sink, are they: Under-mount / Drop In / Farm Sink / Other?
  • How many faucet holes? (1, 2, 3, or more?)

Additional cutouts

  • Extra hole cutouts besides the faucet
  • Notch cuts

Select your edge detail

  • Straight Eased
  • Smoothed Round
  • Bevel Edge
  • Demi Bull Nose (BN)
  • Half Round Bull Nose (BN)
  • Full Bull Nose (BN)
  • Ogee


  • If you’d like to have the material delivered and installed, please let us know your full address. We’ll put together a quote for you based on your location, specifications and the material you’re interested in.
  • If there are any flights of stairs that will need to be climbed when delivering the material, please let us know so that we can account for the extra required labor in our estimate.
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